Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes - Charles Prepolec, J.R. Campbell, Kim Newman, Barbara Roden, M.J. Elliott, Peter Calamai, Phil Cornell, David Stuart Davies, Rick Kennett, Chico Kidd, Barbara Hambly, Christopher Sequeira, Bob Madison, Martin Powell, Chris Roberson Unlike the reviewer at SF Site, I felt that the best of the bunch was the story that didn't include Holmes -- the incomparable Kim Newman's 'The Red Planet League'. The rest were readable, at times even quite good -- with the possible exception of editor J.R. Campbell's awkward pulp offering 'The Entwined' -- and I always enjoy encounters between Holmes and the 'fantastic' but really -- fandom does a much better job with this sort of thing. Three stars, if only because I can read any Holmes pastiche with a certain degree of pleasure.