Adamites and Preadamites: Or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species - Alexander Winchell It would be unfair to give this book no stars, even if it were possible, for the appalling 19th century racial theory ("It is agreed, then, that the enlightened nations of the world belong to one race. This is the race of white men") or for the theory that 'the black races', who 'have made us a great deal of trouble' anthropologically speaking, descend from people who lived prior to Adam, whereas everyone else, including 'dusky Mongoloids' and 'dusky Dravida', descend from Adam. It would be unfair because it afforded me a great deal of amusement, not least because I added it to my Kindle by mistake. But seriously:" training has been such that logic and facts still command a degree of respect. Nor am I enough of an actor to play the part of an idiot. If I can avoid a difficulty I shall not dash out my brains against it.""I dissent emphatically, however, from the position entertained by some recent archaeologists, that the Stone Folk of Europe carry us back fifty or a hundred thousand years, or even that their antiquity is greater than that of the oldest historic nations. The opinion seems to me wild and fanatical."Perhaps not quite 50,000 years but... *snickers*